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Things to do before you change to a new Galaxy smartphone or tablet

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

We all have been through it, the hassle of changing to a new phone. Though often times the excitement and wonder of how great looking your new smartphone's screen is, how fast it is will overshadow the small guilt behind the back of your mind thinking: "Ah, I will miss a lot of the files in my old phone, but no time to backup them all! Oh well..."

Fear not, as recently manufacturers increasingly focus on their software suite of offerings as well to complement the customers who buy into their awesome hardware. In this case, Samsung created the Samsung Smart Switch that more or less allows you to backup the photos, files, and even settings that you have custom-tinkered in your old phone to suit your tastes.

Samsung Smart Switch, available on Google Play and the Galaxy Store

Switching from other Android/Galaxy devices to a new Galaxy

Switching from other Android/Galaxy devices to your new Galaxy

Switching from Apple iPhones to a new Galaxy

Switching from Apple iPhones to your new Galaxy


Apps? How do I move them😢?

Your humongous list of apps that you frequently use, or collecting dust in your app drawer, that's a huge list of apps! How do you move them all over?

Solution - Your Google account tied to your old Android smartphone will have its Apps List in your Google Play account, so you can just sign in into your new phone and have them redownload all the apps, you can even uncheck the apps that you no longer want to use anymore and star afresh. Huhuhu

As easy as it may sound, there's a few limitations to these 'smart movers', mainly due to security reasons where app contents are encrypted, so its settings, messaging history or other contents are inaccessible. This makes it impossible to just copy them one to one onto the new phone. Still, there's certainly a few tips here that you can follow to minimize the chore of moving along your baggage, while maximizing the