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S21 Pre-Order, freebies at a glance

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

The Galaxy S21 was recently launched by Samsung on Jan 14th and available for pre order immediately after that. And as usual, Samsung is including a whole truckload of free gifts to entice customers to upgrade to the S21, or to woo iPhone users from across the stream to switch sides.

S21/S21+ and S21 Ultra Pre-Order bonus

This year’s upgrade to the Galaxy S-Series lineup is well, not earthshattering in itself but the design of the Galaxy S21 is what stands out the most in Samsung’s smartphone offerings in recent years. Starting from the exterior look, the camera bump has been moved all the way to the edge of the smartphone, and with a strong metal protective bump enveloping the exterior of the camera lens array.

So right of the bat, when looking cool isn't your priority, if you happen to drop your phone at a weird angle and something protruding out like gravels on the ground hits the camera housing, the protective glass wouldn’t shatter into pieces as the metal housing would take the brunt of the drop.

From Top to Bottom: Phantom White, Phantom Grey, Phantom Violet and Phantom Black.

As for the color options, seeing it online in Samsung’s Unpacked event or YouTube videos doesn’t justify how good looking the colors are. Namely, the Phantom Black and Phantom White with a matte finish to it just looks so refined and elegant to the eyes when you view the phone up close. These Matte color options is your go to if you dig it.

With first impressions looking good so far, taking a look at the Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen solidified my opinion on the premium feeling of this flagship product from Samsung. The increased brightness (up to 1300nits on the S21/S21+ and 1500nits on the S21 Ultra) coupled with the Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen tech just makes everything appear more vibrant and accentuates the contrast of any media you see on the phone.

Just watching YouTube video content with HDR enabled makes its rivals feel like washed out displays. Even the home screen app icons and widgets appear to pop out of the screen coming at you. It appears that Samsung’s efforts in upgrading the S20 to the S21 is immediately apparent in the eye-wateringly beautiful screen.

The S21 lineup also comes with Samsung’s latest and greatest Exynos 2100, and suffice to say don’t worry about its performance like its less than stellar predecessor - Exynos 990, as Samsung redeemed itself and went with ARM’s core design – the Cortex X-1 and Cortex A-78 instead of relying on its dated in-house designs. On paper it should be around 10-30% better performing than the Exynos 990 while consuming significantly less power and stand neck-in-neck with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888. On the GPU side, they advertise it as being up to 40% faster than last-gen graphics.

All these improvements could appear boring to an average consumer, and Samsung hopes its huge stride in the camera department could further turn some attention to it. Though using mostly the same camera lenses in the S20, Samsung did improve upon its software and image processing algorithms to produce markedly better photos.

A lesser known but still huge upgrade in the Exynos 2100 (SoC) is the Image Signal Processor which now supports up to 8k@24fps or 720p@960fps Super Steady Video. The improved ISP also enables the S21 to now support Dual Video, which simultaneously records both the rear cam at 4k@30/60fps and front cam at 1080p@30fps.

Some other miscellaneous upgrades is that the 256GB storage on the S21 is now UFS3.1 up from the UFS3.0 standard on the S20, this upgrades the storage sequential write speed from 400MB/s to up to 1200MB/s from clever cache management. This niche upgrade has significant implications, as it now enables the storage to keep up with the massive file sizes of 8k recordings and 5G download speeds without bottlenecking either of them.

Though Samsung did regrettably omit including a charger in the box, you can take advantage of the Wireless Charging Trio that Samsung includes to charge your brand-new S21, Galaxy Buds (Buds Live promo with S21/S21+ and Buds Pro with S21 Ultra pre-order) and your Galaxy Watch if you have one.

Wireless Charger Trio should come in Handy

All in all, this preorder package seems to be a deal too good to be true, but it is true! Get your preorders now while the preorder promotion lasts before January 28th. Visit our website HERE and select your preferred method of shipping, or optionally visit Samsung’s official website and select our KTS stores closest to you, find us HERE. Devices ship our on January 29th. </