Galaxy x BTS Edition Showcase

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Exclusive BTS edition, gorgeous purple looks

The Galaxy S20+ is no stranger for fans of Samsung's smartphone landscape. Sitting in between the base model S20 and the super high-end S20 Ultra, the S20+ is a comfortable blend of the necessary flagships essences of the S20 and the cutting edge tech introduced in the S20 Ultra.

The high-end hardware isn't the star shining here though, Samsung's collaboration with BTS resulted in an all exclusive color trim with BTS merchandise included in the box. Here's a showcase of the package's contents.

More in depth and up close photos down below.

Released back in the start of 2020, this flagship sports all the specs you would expect in a RM3,999 phone on release. What's more is the addition of BTS themed Android system skins, app icons and more that make the user interface feel more special.

For those interested in the Buds Plus, its the usual Galaxy Buds Plus but clad in BTS themes, all from the designers looking to add a new shade of purple made specially for the band. One neat little addition is the Buds Plus BTS edition can send its own customized BTS themes to supported Galaxy phones through NFC.

Interested in how the Buds Plus sound? You may visit Here for our in house review of the Buds Plus. Get yours Here today!

Else, if you want to show some love to BTS and would like to be the proud owner of a cool looking S20+ BTS Edition, say no more and get yours Here. A limited time promotion of RM100 discount and a free Logitech wireless Bluetooth speaker is active at the time of posting.

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