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Galaxy Fit2, the right fitness tracker for you?

In this article I am going to revisit the Fit2 that was released half a year ago back in March. It was meant as a successor to the Galaxy Fit and Fitⓔ. Now at half the price (RM179) of what the Galaxy Fit originally debuted at last year (RM369), let's take a look at it and see how Samsung's cheapest fitness tracker fits itself in your exercise routines.

Galaxy Fit2 colorways
Galaxy Fit2 in their black and red colorways


The screen gets upped from a 0.95" one on its predecessor to the vibrant 1.1" AMOLED display at 126p x 294p on the Fit2. The home screen now looks more colorful than ever. It also weighs in at only 21grams, 3 grams lighter than the Galaxy Fit. The battery capacity has also been increased to a nominal capacity of 159mAh up from the 120mAh battery found on the original Fit. There's no IP6x rating here but rest assured it will survive dunks in the water easily as its rated under the ISO standard 22810:2010, which means the Fit2 has a water resistance rating of 50 meters and can readily survive you swimming or taking a shower with it.

The two not so major features that didn't make the cut is the altimeter and the SpO2 sensor. The removal of them means we can't measure the height gained when climbing stairs or hiking up a hill, and I suppose the majority of users buying into a RM179 fitness tracker won't be missing the blood oxygen sensor that much. A dedicated GPS sensor is not included in the Fit2 like the previous Fit.

Fitness Tracking

Fit2 settings page in Galaxy Wearable

Samsung claims that the Galaxy Fit2 can help take a positive step towards a stress-free life as managing stress is an important part of staying healthy, both mentally and physically. Though the way they measure stress is through an arbitrary weightage of factors which we do not know, one of the factors is increased heart rate while not moving much.

The steps count is a standard across all lines of fitness trackers, and the step counter on the Fit2 does its jobs without any hiccups. The heart rate sensor is optical based where it shines a bright green light on the skin to detect any changes in the blood flow to measure a heart beat. Though the sensor seems to be mildly inaccurate when compared to a handheld medical device that also tracks heart rate. Do keep note that the Fit2 does not include its own GPS tracking sensor, so if you want to track the route if you are running outdoors you need to have your smartphone.

Another neat feature is the sleep tracker, where it combines data from the heart rate sensor and the accelerometer sensor that detects movements to plot the quality of your sleep. You will need to install an extra app in Google Play Store called Samsung Health to view more info about the sleep tracking as tracking logs will not be stored for more than 7 days in the Fit2. No matter how accurate the sleep tracker is, it does have its limited use as it can only quantify your sleep quality but not give suggestions to how to improve it. So it is up to the user to take cues from the sleep quality log and take measures accordingly.

Battery Life

In the week or so that I have tested the watch, with an hour plus of exercise everyday using the fitness tracker it lasts roughly 9-10 days. Samsung claims that the Fit2 can last up to 21 days, or is rated for up to 15 days battery life with typical use.

However in real life use that I have experienced myself, the battery life never quite met the rated days 'up-to'. After some further digging into the marketing material, the fine print below states that the 21 days claim is under low usage scenarios (heart rate and auto workout tracker off, no sleep tracking) which explains why the rated up to 21 days is so off the battery life expected of typical usage. Still, 10 days battery life with its reduced feature set is plenty compared to a true smartwatch like the Galaxy Watch Active2 which lasts 1-2 days at most.


Neat little fitness tracker with a lot of the features and functionality of smartwatches that costs a few times more. Viewing notifications on your watch is a convenient feature as you don't need to take your phone out of your pocket with the Fit2.